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Dancing In the Sky by Coracree
:Cd Cover
Coracree is -
Allan Carr - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Sarah Gowan - Guitar, Corcertina, Feet, Vocals
Bill Quern - Banjos, MAndolin, Melodeon, Vocals
Jane Rothfield - Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals
Joe DePeola - Percussion

Samples From Dancing in the Sky

1.Thundersnow Play Sample
2. McGann's March / Janet's Fancy / North Carolina Breakdown / Greasy Coat Play Sample
3. Branford Jig / Lootering / Fire Jig Play Sample
4. Carpathian Tune / Nancy in a Shirttail"/ Cold Mountain Play Sample
5. The Candlelight Play Sample
6. The Blacksmith / F-Bomb Play Sample
7. The North Hambo Play Sample
8. The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen Play Sample
9. Black Rogue / The Orphan / The Long, Hot Shower Play Sample
10. The Malvern Twist / Ducks on the Pond / Waiting for Sandy Play Sample
11. Loving Hannah Play Sample
12. Dancing with Mom in the Kitchen Play Sample


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