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First Course by
Party of Three :Cd Cover

Samples From First Course

1, Kievelle Play Sample
2, King's Reel Play Sample
3, Bittersweet Play Sample
4, Banjo Therapy Play Sample
5, Cavers Kirkcudbright Play Sample
6, Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie Play Sample
7, Sierra Lullabye Play Sample

Party of Three brings together three musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who share a depth of experience playing for dancing. Combining high energy Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle music with Latin and Funk influenced piano and drum grooves, Party of Three has been enthusiastically received by dancers across the mid-atlantic and northeast. Members include Lilly Pearlman on fiddle, Neil Pearlman on piano, mandolin and banjo, and myself on drum set, doumbek and bodhran.

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Band Bios

Pianist and mandolinist Neil Pearlman is rapidly distinguishing himself as a uniquely innovative artist in the contemporary traditional music scene. Called “a tremendous pianist” on BBC Radio Scotland and “a force to be reckoned with” by WGBH’s Brian O’Donovan, Neil is recognized in many Celtic music circles for his unique approach to the piano. Rooted in traditional Cape Breton piano styles, Neil brings in ideas from many other genres and the result is an exciting new sound that remains true to its traditional roots.

Fiddler Lilly Pearlman has grown up immersed in the musical traditions of Scotland and Cape Breton, performing with family band Highland Soles since the age of nine. Through her experiences living and studying in New York City and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, she has continued to explore and incorporate influences from various other musical genres--from bluegrass to samba to funk-- into her unique Celtic-based fiddle sound. Lilly has played across the nation with the bands Party of Three and Alba's Edge since 2011. She was also on staff for Scottish Fiddle and Cello Camp at Ashokan, March 2014. Lilly graduates from Barnard College in 2014 with a degree in Dance.

Joe De Paolo has been drumming for over 30 years. His early studies were with Master Drum Teachers Sam Ulano and Joe Cusatis. He has also studied at both Drummers Collective and Irish Art Center in New York City. Throughout his career Joe has played in jazz/rock fusion, funk, Zydeco, Cajun and contra dance bands. He also plays and teaches bodhran and doumbek and has taught both hand drums at NEFFA. Joe also calls for contra dances and at times combines calling with drumming. His eclectic past has influenced his current style of playing and can be heard on the three CDs that he is featured on. He has recorded with Eclectic Dance Orchestra, Coracree and Party of Three.


"Party of Three is a superb, exciting contra dance band! As a dance organizer, I would (and do) hire them in a heartbeat. As a caller and dancer, I found their music so exciting that it prompted me to ask if I could tour with them for a bunch of gigs. That's exciting music. Lilly and Neil are musical (as well as actual) siblings, so in tune with each other that it's eerie and sensational. Joe's drumming is tasteful. The combination is superb.
I highly recommend this trio!"

Peter Stix, Caller and Dance Organizer

"From both a calling and dancing perspective, I cannot say enough good things about this band. The repertoire is large and the musicianship is tight, but still full of the youthful exuberance that just makes it practically impossible not to dance. If you cannot dance to them in person, get their CD - you will be hearing the next big thing in contra dancing."

Greg Frock , Caller

"This CD makes me dance and then listen: Always a surprise, the jazz piano and then an incredible fiddling and suddenly a beautiful soulful waltz - a true party that flows from musical place to place."

Merle Mceldowney, Dance Organizer

“Party of Three is an amazing combination of three masters of traditional and contemporary contra dance music. When I hear them I'm instantly dancing and then stopped in my tracks by what they manage to bring out in their music. Their CD is rich with original tunes and moving pieces. You've got to hear them.“

Bill Quern, Musician, Dance Instructor, and Dance Organizer


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